A Special Offer for Mi Drone 4K/1080P Users

Thanks for the customers who have been supporting Xiaomi/FIMI drones, FIMI Technology Company, cooperating with Banggood, will give away humongous discounts for MI Drone 4K/1080P users on the hot-sale X8 SE drones exclusively at the website: www.banggood.com.

$399USD after using the coupon

How to get the coupon code
Enter SN Code (xxxx/xxxxxx) of your MI Drone 4K /1080P at this site. It will be verified automatically and generate a coupon code for you.

The activity ends at 31st May 9:00 ,2019

How to use the coupon code
Copy the coupon code and use it at the website of GWTR store: www.banggood.com. Paste the coupon code into ‘Enter coupon code’ slot and click ’Apply’, then make payment at the price$399.

How to get the order
After payment, please send your order number of FIMI X8 SE and attach your SN number picture of MI Drone 4K /1080P to the email: chenxiaoqin@banggood.com. Banggood will confirm the above information and then arrange the shipment.

1. The order will be only shipped from Banggood GWTR warehouse.
2. If you provide the false information of MI Drone 4K/1080P, Banggood will cancel the shipment and reserve all rights for the activity. Banggood will inform you by email if it is not approved.

Please read the below guidelines carefully before entering the activity.
1. The offer can only be availed for customers who own MI Drone 4K/1080P now.
2. Each user is eligible to utilize the offer once.
3. The shipment will be arranged after confirming purchase information of MI Drone 4K/1080P.
4. Activity period: 13th May 9:00 (UTC) till 31st May 9:00 ,2019